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Our Story

Roc & Bear | Where Ethical Fashion Meets Stylish Gym Apparel

The time to save the world’s oceans was yesterday. Sadly, making the world greener isn’t easy. At least, it didn’t used to be. Committed to mother nature, Roc & Bear is a new ethical fashion brand which makes cleaner, greener living, easier than ever.

At Roc & Bear, we create stylish gym wear using 100% sustainable textiles. Discover ethical fashion. Help preserve our natural environment by choosing sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical clothing, when next updating your wardrobe.



Our Ethical Fashion Story

Ethical brands are nothing new. However, few ethical clothing brands make a real difference on the environment. We change this. We use sustainable textiles derived from waste plastics to create gym wear, which is just as stylish as clothing produced by top brands.

How it Works

Roc & Bear prevent unwanted plastics from entering oceans and local landfills. Our sustainable textile manufacturing process also uses less energy and water than is required when producing virgin polyester. The result is apparel which makes a positive impact on the planet for the good of everyone.

Stylish, Timeless, Eco-Friendly Apparel

With Roc and Bear, being eco-friendly never looked so good! In time we, therefore, hope to become one of the world’s leading ethical fashion brands. 

Join us on our journey by shopping today for ethically made, eco-friendly clothing, which really does make a difference.