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Roc & Bear | Where Ethical Fashion Meets Stylish Gym Apparel


The phrase, life changes when you have kids couldn’t be more true for Roc & Bear founder Ben Parks. The complicated birth of Bens first son meant that he was handed the baby and a bottle and told by the midwives to ‘take his top off and have skin to skin contact’ while they went back to surgery on mum.

There in the hospital room as a first time dad, with this tiny screaming bundle, not knowing when someone would come back to tell him what was going on, Ben knew that life as he knew it was over and a new chapter was unfolding right there in his arms.

Flash forward a couple of years trying to figure out what he wanted to do, knowing only that he wanted to make a difference in the world and leave a legacy to his sons, the idea for Roc & Bear eco friendly gym wear was born.

Ben recognised that the time for change in the way we buy and consume products was yesterday,  so it was his dream to take waste plastic and recycle it into gym wear for a healthy body and healthy planet.

By supporting Roc & Bear, you are helping to keep waste plastic from entering our oceans or ending up in landfill while investing in a quality piece of gym wear that will last for years.

Committed to mother nature, Roc & Bear is a new ethical fashion brand which makes cleaner, greener living, easier than ever.

Discover eco friendly active wear and help preserve our natural environment by choosing sustainable, eco friendly, ethical clothing when next investing in gym wear