Q:How is the fabric made?

A: We have a whole page dedicated to the process of taking waste plastic from waste to fibre. Click here to go to that page


Q: What does rPET mean?

A: Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (in other words, it means recycled polyester)


Q: Is recycling plastic to make recycled polyester more environmentally friendly than making new polyester?

A: rPET requires less resources to make than virgin polyester. It actually requires 59% less energy to make than virgin polyester according to a 2017 study by the Swiss Federal Office for the environment.


Q: Is recycled polyester as good quality as virgin polyester?

A: Yes, the final quality of the polyester is just as good as virgin polyester and has the same properties. Those properties being very resilient to wear and tear, holds its shape well, doesn’t shrink and has multi way stretch – making it ideal for gym wear.


Q: What does Dri-fit mean?

A: Dri-fit is a high performance polyester that moves sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface where it evaporates. As a result, dri-fit keeps athletes dry and comfortable. Dri-fit is better for working out than traditional cotton because the dri-fit technology allows the sweat to evaporate much more readily, hence giving you a dry feeling shirt.


Q: what does the clothing feel like?

A: The touch of the fabric is just like any other dri-fit fabric, if you are use to buying more well known brands for your gym wear, Roc & Bears eco friendly gym wear will feel the same as what your used to.


Q: Why are some of the products not 100% recycled plastic bottles?

A: We are working towards making every item 100% recycled plastic, however, at the moment, we have been unable to source a few things that mean we cant say that the item is 100% recycled plastic, however, every item is made from 100% recycled material. For example, on the hoodie, the pull cords are recycled textile, but not recycled plastic, therefore the hoodie is made from 81% recycled plastic which equates to approximately 14 plastic bottles. The Shorts, are made from 45% recycled plastic because the outer layer of the compression shorts is not recycled plastic. Again, the shorts are made from recycled textile meaning that our products are 100% recycled, but 45% of that is made from recycled plastic bottles. The compression shorts under layer is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.


Q: What other brands use Repreve?

A: Repreve have an entire directory of brands on their website, you can visit their brand directory here:


Q: What are microplastics? and how can I stop them from entering the waterways?

A: Microplastics are tiny plastic fibres from ALL synthetic textiles that pollute the environment by making their way into the rivers and oceans during washing. Its important if you want to preserve the environment  that you address the problem with microplastics in your washing. The best solution that we recommend at this current time is to purchase a GuppyFriend washing bag and put ALL of your synthetic clothing within the bag into your washing machine. The bag has been scientifically approved as a solution against microplastics. (it has the added benefit of preserving your clothing so that they last longer so reducing the need to buy more and saving you money in the process) As well as that, our advice to tackle microplastics is to wash with full washing loads, wash at 30 degrees and try to avoid using a tumble dryer.


Q: Where are the products made?

A: The products are made in China.

As we have mentioned, using recycled polyester saves over half the energy it would take to make new polyester making recycled plastic fabric still a better choice than any new polyester.


Q: How do we ship our products from the factory?

A: We only use sea freight in order to reduce our carbon footprint.


Q: Can the products be recycled again?

A: Yes. Once you are done with your items, please put the item into the textile recycling bin at your local recycling centre and the textile will be reused. In-fact, recycled polyester can be recycled over and over again.