How Its Made

Roc & Bear prevent unwanted plastics from entering oceans and local landfills.

Our sustainable textile manufacturing process also uses less energy and water than is required when producing 'normal' polyester.

The result is apparel which makes a positive impact on the planet for the good of everyone.



So, Here's How Plastic Bottles Are Made Into Fabric....

Plastic bottles are literally collected from the dump that don’t belong in landfills or are collected from beaches and sent to recycling centres.

From there, the plastic bottles are shredded into flakes by a machine (which is run on renewable energy)

The flakes are then melted down into pellets then spun and pulled into yarn.

Once the yarn is created, the clothing is made in just the same way as any other clothing is made.

Check out the link below to see how its made

 Bottles to fabric - the magic of recycling